Long-Term Addiction Rehab Options

Luxury Rehab Options LLC recognizes that many patients need much more than just a 28-90 day stay at a treatment facility. We know that you didn’t develop your troubles overnight. Nor do we expect you to fix them overnight.

After you complete treatment at a luxury resort-style addiction center, it is worth considering extended-care treatment options if you think you are going to struggle staying sober after you are discharged.

What are extended-care treatment options?

Most extended options become available after you have completed inpatient rehab. Examples are transitional living, long-term rehab facilities, or sober houses. They provide for an additional level of structure for anywhere from 6 months to sometimes 2 years after initial treatment. If you have been to a 28 day inpatient rehab in the past and found it hard to live a sober life once you finished, these options should be on your radar.

Many extended-care treatment options have a defined structure and rule set to follow. The most basic rules include things like no drinking or using illicit substance while living there. In addition, there may be other assigned chores that get rotated amongst house members, or a requirement to attend a certain number of in-house support groups. These options can help re-integrate a recovering person into society while buying them extra time to adjust to a life that is alcohol and drug free.

The length of any program is often determined by a patient’s progress.  The best luxury long term treatment facilities will only use specified durations as a guide. Usually, any staff that works there will help you to monitor your own progress and work with you to decide when you are ready to leave. This can sometimes be done through a series of “baby-steps” where you set goals for yourself as you recover and see how you achieve them.

Most long-term rehab facilities are not part of a medical setting. More often, they are setup in a home-style environment. The best long-term facilities may be equivalent to a really good bed and breakfast or a lakeside vacation home. There are a lot of them available in just about every city in the United States, so the quality varies. Once you are in an inpatient rehab, you may want to work with your counselors and professionals there to develop a long-term plan. They may know of many good extended-care options in your area.

 Additional Information about Long-term Treatment for Addiction

The purpose of long-term care is to help you attain permanent sobriety. Most of it focuses on behavioral therapy, changing negative actions and behaviors, and developing a new way of thinking about life. Life does not revolve around alcohol and drugs. However, in the mind of an addict or an alcoholic, or anyone who has heavy substance abuse issues, this is very much the case.

It is difficult to achieve recovery without addressing the mental and emotional issues that arise from substance abuse, in addition to the physical aspect.

Long-term treatment is there to help you become more aware of past behaviors, and help you to recognize any self-delusions about substances. It is designed to prevent you from slipping into habits that are harmful to you. Long-term treatment is most effective for those who are willing to commit to it. It is not a perfect solution for everyone. For some people, especially those who run big businesses or have a complicated, busy schedule, it may be impractical.

Other long-term care options are peer support groups, and 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. They are available to anyone, and exist around the world. You can find meetings online if you are not sure where they are, or you medical professional at an inpatient rehab may provide you with a list.

It is important to find out what works for you after you complete drug addiction treatment (including alcohol). The first step to this entire process though, is starting with physical detox from substances. If you want more information about inpatient rehab facilities for help with addiction recovery, please view our Inpatient Rehab page.

Finding the right addiction rehab may be a challenge, but Luxury Rehab Options LLC is here for you. Our professional, caring staff is happy to work with you or a loved one so you can get addiction help. Give us a call today and let us help you figure out the best option for you.

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