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The foundation of the Journey Malibu staff is our closely-knit team of recovery practitioners and planners, all of whom bring high levels of commitment and compassion to their jobs. Not only do we offer a wealth of experience and credentials, many are actively involved on our own successful journeys of recovery from addiction. We don’t just preach holistic health and harmony; we embrace these virtues ourselves. We know from personal experience how valuable communication and transparency is to the recovery process.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Journey Malibu’s detox Drug Addiction Treatment Program
    The detoxification process in drug rehab is sometimes necessary right away to address an individual’s physical addiction to drugs. It’s possible that during detox you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Generally, these symptoms will not be life threatening, but they can be accompanied by relapse if the detox is not supervised by a trained professional. Of course, your detox at Journey Malibu will be supervised by a licensed medical doctor who is equipped to monitor this delicate phase of your treatment.


  • Professional Health Recovery Program
    Journey Malibu is a drug and alcohol treatment center, tailored specifically for Professionals in the most demanding, high-stress jobs, such as Physicians, Attorneys, Judges, and Airline Pilots. These are career professionals whose difficulties with drug and alcohol abuse often require them to answer to state and federal licensing boards, and who subsequently may be placed in monitoring or assistance programs. Our primary purpose at Journey Malibu is to address your substance use disorders, and have you practicing your chosen profession again as smoothly, functionally, and effectively as possible.

Meet the Staff

Dr. Gayle Randall

Medical Director

Photo of Dr. Gayle Randall

Dr. Gayle Randall is a celebrated physician in the field of internal medicine. She graduated cum laude with her bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska and went on to graduate magna cum laude with her medical degree from the University of Nebraska. Since then she has worked tirelessly to improve her knowledge and expertise of the many differing medicinal avenues to treat addiction. She has appeared as a guest on countless radio and television shows speaking on alternative forms of medicine. She has also been published in numerous medical and health publications, most recently in the January 2012 issue of USA Today.

Cyndee Schiffer

Executive Director

Photo of Cyndee Schiffer

Cyndee Schiffer’s experience is in her personal journey. Cyndee believes that one needs to bring passion to help others see…”it’s not who you are, it’s how you are.” Her background includes being the mother of four grown children and involvement in recovery for several years. Cyndee Schiffer is a certified “Well Being” Sober Coach/Companion, as well as a nutritional, homeopathic and holistic healing counselor. She is also the co-founder of the Los Angeles based “School for Creative Arts”, the founder/producer of “Creative Camp” for children and the owner/chef of “4 Star Catering”.

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